8 Gorgeous Photos Of India In All Its Glory

Travel is something for everyone and as the photographer Kristian Bertel imagined every new place in India and every experience leaves a small mark on our soul when this gorgeous country is visited. There are many reasons why traveling makes you happy and why there is nothing better than looking at the sun from a different angle and breathing the air of foreign continents.

Travel memories from India

As an individual as each of us have our reasons for packing our suitcase or backpack when going abroad. In many ways traveling can make us happy. No matter where you go, how many days you mark with vacation in the calendar, whether you are walking in the streets of Mumbai or on the roadside in Maharashtra and it will be good for you and travel memories shape our personality but more on that later. It can be a feeling of happiness and freedom that makes us happy. We love getting completely lost on a bus in Mumbai, sipping a mango lassi on the Juhu Beach and visiting a temple.

"In India you can discover the beauty of the world become a strong personality and gain experiences that you might not have had at home"

Traveling is broadening your horizons Traveling can also mean to broaden your horizons no matter if you have already ruined your stomach at a street food stall or discovered a street market in India, where you focus yourselves and your horizon, your empathy and your perception – not materially, but spiritually. Your head will be packed full of impressions, your diary will be filled with new names and addresses of exciting people, your skin will shine in the sun and the memory of the camera will be filled with pictures and sights that will later be your walls will adorn. Another reason why traveling is good is that we become more frugal and sometimes also learn to appreciate the things at home. If you do not have your family by your side all the time, you are all the more happy to be able to hug them again after a long journey. In addition, the moment will catch up with you again and again when goosebumps get up your back while you think back to your best travel experience.

This feeling alone is enough to understand why travel is the greatest thing in the world and travel is important for everyday life and personality the photographer thinks because he thinks it is both good in everyday life and for our personality and even wish to experience a special travel moment again. Travel memories can flash up again and again in everyday life and put us mentally back on vacation and in everyday life we ​​keep annoying information by automatically mastering a lot and restricting our perception.

Gorgeous holiday memories

On vacation, however, we let our attention wander far and wide. In such moments, supposedly unimportant details become central perceptual events and these travel moments can flash up again and again in everyday life and put us mentally back on vacation. And it is precisely these gorgeous travel memories, which are deeply anchored in the memory and accompanied by positive emotions, give us motivating and relaxing moments. Our travel memories often last a lifetime and can inspire people to travel the world with open eyes and to collect unforgettable and gorgeous holiday memories.

These photos were originally submitted to the 'Travel Photographer of the Year' competition.

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